The Team.


We are a Non-Profit Association based originally in Spain, with partners all around Europe. We have been working together for years in international projects: Erasmus+, summer camps, training courses, adventure trips...

Isaac Álvarez Casasola. Spain
I am the coordinator of the ideas in this space. My main job is to be a father of a large family and from that point on the activities we are proposing to you have emerged.I've been working in leisure and outdoor activities for more than twenty years and thanks to that I've been lucky enough to do things that I love, like going around Europe 13 times but, above all, I've discovered that teenagers are great people.

Maja Svedovoba. Czech Republic
I am the project coordinator in TOM Dumánci - the Czech partner of El Bosque. We organize international summer camps at our beautiful campsite by the river as well as youth exchanges and training courses under the Erasmus+ programme. We have been creating adventures together with El Bosque for many years and it has been a wonderful experience..

Dimitris Mourelatos. Greece
I am just a simple human being addicted to my passions. Architecture, traveling, entrepreneurship, critical thinking and human connection are the guidelines of my life. If we meet in a project you will recognize me by my humour, my organising abilities and my dedication for the best result.

Mateo Papic. Croatia
I love traveling, Adventure is my second name and I'm always ready to go abroad; my world map sums 48 flags and raising. One of my best experiences was traveling by train from Beijing to Moscow through Mongolia but my favourite country is Indonesia..

Sillian Ferrari. Italy
I have a strong passion for international cooperation and foreign languages in fact he can speak Italian, Spanish, German, French and English. In 2011-2012 I lived one year in Perú, in the shanty town of Huaycán (a suburb of Lima) working as a “white helmet” on behalf of the Italian NGO C.P.S.

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