School Year in Ireland

Starting January or September 2021

Complete language immersion experience. Homestay and class attendance in primary or secondary school, in the Republic of Ireland. Beyond learning the language, young people gain an autonomy and independence that will be very important in their personal development.

We have been doing this for more than a decade and hundreds of students have participated in our programs.

Our deal:
      • Stay from 12 to 40 weeks
      • Selected families.
      • Public and private schools..
      • No hidden or extra costs.
      • Only one participant of your nationality in the house.
      • A safe, comfortable and caring environment.
      • Social activities with other participants.
      • School in a small towns in different locations.
      • Trips around Ireland when students  get holidays of school (midterm, Halloween, Easter)
      • All nationalities are welcome.

Price Includes:
      • Roundtrip flight from your country.
      • Transfers from Dublin airport to the family.
      • Accompanying leader in transfers.
      • Full board accommodation in host families.
      • School transportation if needed.
      • School fees.
      • Insurance.
      • Uniform of the school.
      • School books rental.
      • Coordinator in Ireland.
Ask your national agent for more information. Phone, Whatsapp, Email...

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